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Perfomance Marketing for Shopify D2C Ecom brands

A team with full across the board knowledge of the major paid ad platforms helps your brands to run ads profitably.


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Creating value for E-commerce brands with targeted media buying and data-driven results.

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Organic Media

  • Scriptwriting

  • Content Direction

  • Video Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Community Building

  • Account Management

Paid Media

  • Ad Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Creative Direction

  • ROI Optimisation


  • CRO Consultation

  • Retention Consultation

  • Growth Consultation

  • Ad Account Audit

The Process We Use To Scale Brands

The approach we use to exponentially grow eCommerce and Info-Product brands at scale.

Market Analysis

Making sure that no one else has a better understanding of your ads, and market.

Continuous Scaling

We never miss an opportunity to capitalize for your brand. We ensure our clients scale big.

Killer Creatives

Making sure your creative stands high above the rest is one of the keys to success within modern-day marketing.

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Calculation started back in 2020 when Kixark was founded.

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Why Work With Kixark?

We have done it multiple times and somehow we keep doing it again and again.

From Launch to $103,189 in
3 Months

Relevantskin, a skincare startup, partnered with Kixark in June 2022. Exclusively using Google ads, we drove impressive results, generating $103,189 in revenue within just three months.

Ads Results
  • Merchant Center Setup: We established a solid foundation for effective product listings.

  • Performance Max Campaign: Leveraging advanced Google ad capabilities, we maximized reach and conversions.

  • National Targeting: Our strategy covered the entire USA, expanding brand visibility.

  • Integrated Ads: We optimized ad spend with a blend of ad types and formats for consistent messaging.

  • Budget Scaling: Incremental daily budget increases of $30-$50 ensured growth momentum.

  • Influential Collaborations: Partnering with celebrities and influencers injected trust and appeal into Marblapparel's brand.

  • Landing Page Excellence: We fine-tuned the website's landing page for a seamless shopping experience.

  • Creative Concept Magic: Our ideas resonated, attracting and motivating users to explore and buy.

  • Integrated Ad Brilliance: Consistent messaging across various formats ensured maximum impact.

A Remarkable 5.29% Conversion Rate Surge in 45 Days

Helped a Luxury apparel brand to increase their conversion rate in 30 days to prove that our Integrated Ads Stratgy.

Ads Results

From $600K to $1.4M Revenue Surge with Kixark's Expertise

Kixark collaborated with Conzuri, a prominent shoe brand, achieving a remarkable revenue boost. In a short timeframe, we elevated their annual revenue from $600,000 to a staggering $1.4 million.

Ad Results
  • Strategic Content Shift: We moved content creation in-house, taking full control of Conzuri's brand narrative.

  • Integrated Ad Strategy: Our blend of paid search ads, social media ads, and influencer marketing created a cost-effective digital marketing ecosystem.

  • Profitable Customer Acquisition: Precise analysis and optimization led to customer acquisition with a 29% higher profit margin.

  • Swift Delivery Enhancements: Streamlining delivery improved customer satisfaction and encouraged repeat business.

  • Revamped Online Presence: We revamped OBJKTS' landing page and socials for a captivating first impression.

  • High-Impact Content: Our high-quality content and ad creatives turned heads and opened wallets.

  • Micro-Creator Magic: We tested Spark ads with global micro-creators, generating buzz and sales.

  • Integrated Messaging: Consistent messaging across ad formats maximized brand impact.

  • UGC-Driven Meta Ads: User-Generated Content-powered Meta ads built trust and authenticity.

From $220K to $1M Monthly Revenue in 5 Months

In just five short months, Kixark worked its magic for OBJKTS Jewelry, propelling this international jewelry brand to an astonishing monthly revenue of over one million dollars. Here's how we did it:

Ad Results

From $180,000 to $489,980 Monthly Revenue in 4 Months

In a mere 4 months, Kixark revolutionized Dirtea's business, catapulting monthly revenue from $180,000 to an impressive $489,980.

  • In-Depth Analysis: We began by comprehending Dirtea's unique business needs.

  • Ad Mastery: Our team optimized their ad manager, ensuring it resonated with the target audience.

  • TikTok Triumph: Focusing on TikTok, we ran high-quality video ads using our Integrated strategy, which not only increased brand visibility but also cleared out Dirtea's inventory.

  • Retargeting Success: Numerous retargeting campaigns were executed to re-engage potential customers and drive them back to Dirtea.

  • Snapchat Filters: Engaging filters created by our developers sparked interest and set the stage for growth.

  • Meta & Google Ads: Incremental ad campaigns led to gradual sales growth on these platforms.

  • CRO & Quality Images: Optimizing conversions and enhancing product images boosted customer trust.

  • TikTok Organic Growth: Our content direction strategy facilitated organic TikTok growth.

  • Sales Funnel Refinement: A streamlined sales funnel drove remarkable sales improvements.

From Zero to €213,324 in 7 Months

At Kixark, we are proud to share the remarkable success story of Sensora Jewelry, a European brand that went from making zero sales to a staggering €213,324 in just seven months. Our partnership with Sensora Jewelry exemplifies our commitment to driving tangible results for our clients.

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This E-book is more than just a guide. It has the exact steps you need to take to make the Perfect UGC.I've designed this guide to be accessible for any business owner, this is true. However, that does not mean that any random person should get it.

This E-book is only for business owners that are serious about growing their business. It is for those that will take my steps on board, mold them to their liking and run with it towards success.I repeat, it is NOT for those that just want to read about tips that can help them, but not take any action.If you are the latter and you believe you need to implement this then let me share my system with you. We can start in the next 24 -36 hours.


  • Ground Rules

  • TikTok is best for UGCs

  • What is a UGC

  • What makes a Perfect UGC

  • 50 Best Proven Hooks

  • Steps to make the Perfect UGC

  • 10 Golden Rules

  • Top 6 Creatives Insights

  • Top 10 Creatives angles

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    • All the basics in the First Book

    • 50 Best Proven Hooks

    • 10 Golden Rules

    • Top 6 Creatives Insights

    • Top 10 Creatives angles

    • Building a Team

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    • Systems

    • Hiring mistakes to avoid

    • Training to automate

    Hello there!👋I'm Aditya, the Founder of Kixark. Our mission at Kixark is to assist numerous No code SaaS founders in building and launching successful SaaS businesses, ultimately leading to significant financial gains💰.As a child immersed in gaming🎮, using Discord felt like attending school. During the NFT boom of 2020, I utilized my skills to create Discord communities for NFT projects. This venture not only allowed me to generate substantial profits but also provided opportunities to connect with affluent individuals and acquire valuable knowledge🏆.One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that with a strong community backing your business, failure becomes exceptionally challenging❗.While promoting various projects, I gained extensive knowledge in marketing and developed incredible strategies that led to projects selling out within minutes⏰.Working with NFT projects felt like running businesses. This experience granted me insights that no school could teach me in a decade. It was a transformative journey that opened doors to immense personal growth.However, every story has its twists and turns🔀. When the crypto market entered a bearish phase, many clients started to withdraw their support📉.In response, I took a step back, ready to take ten steps forward. I pondered and answered five crucial questions:👉 What skills do I possess?
    👉 What problems can my skills solve?
    👉 Who are the individuals facing these problems?
    👉 Which niche can benefit the most from my skills?
    👉 How significant is this problem for them?
    Once I had answers to these questions, I felt prepared and driven🔥.I conducted extensive research, particularly studying Lemlist, a B2B SaaS company that automates email processes for businesses. Through building a strong community, Lemlist has achieved a valuation of 150 million dollars.With this knowledge and hands-on experience, I began consulting a select group of small SaaS businesses, witnessing remarkable improvements within just a few months.Now, I am fully prepared to offer SaaS businesses a comprehensive Done-For-You service.And the story continues...

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    Hello there!👋I'm Priansh, the Co-Founder of Kixark. Our mission at Kixark is to assist numerous E-commerce founders in building and launching successful businesses, ultimately leading to significant financial gains💰As an individual, I am
    driven by curiosity and a passion for learning. I believe in embracing challenges and constantly seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth📈
    As a sales expert, I understand the importance of building trust with clients and nurturing long-term partnerships. I am adept at identifying opportunities, developing compelling value propositions, and delivering exceptional customer experiences❗I firmly believe that success in sales is not just about making transactions but about creating mutually beneficial partnerships. I am committed to delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations, making me a valuable asset to any sales team🎯spent an effective amount of time on educating myself about how marketing works and it made me an expert in:
    ▶️leadership skills and expert in managing team affairs.
    ▶️Social Media Management: Experience in managing social media platforms, engaging with audiences, and understanding social media trends.
    ▶️Time Management: Prioritization of tasks and ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
    ▶️Market Research: Ability to conduct -market research, analyze data, and identify insights to inform marketing.